Akshaya Kulkarni

Chief Creative Officer

Akshay is known for his eye for detail. His designs pixel perfect and his strategies are meticulously planned. Akshay founded Brandmates with the intention of infusing creativity in the branding strategies of the clients.

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Kadambari copy

Kadambari Kulkarni

Business Development Head and Chief Operating Officer

Kadambari is the co-founder and is in-charge of the delivery and client communication. She belongs to that rare species who have got the knack of understanding what the client exactly wants and getting it delivered from the design team.

Abhimanyu Tadwalkar

Chief Procrastinator

Abhi is known for his procrastination skills. People from across the globe come to Abhi to learn this special skill set. We asked him for his bio which he obviously procrastinated, hence this information. No, but on a serious note… nothing… there’s nothing noteworthy.

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Vivek copy

Vivek Joshi

Chief Visualiser

Vivek is our go-to man when it comes to thinking out-of-the-box strategies for our clients. He is also an outstanding photographer. He mentions he sees good frames in his dreams and that is where all his creative ideas come from. Therefore, we let him get all the sleep he wants.